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QM-Biomass Heating Plants

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Austrian programme coordinator ”QM-Holzheizwerke”: AEE-INTEC (link: https://www.klimaaktiv.at/erneuerbare/effiziente_heizwerke/qmheizwerke.html)

BIOS provides through its quality manager (QM) Alfred Hammerschmid the quality management for new biomass-fired district heating and CHP projects or for extensions of existing projects within the international programme „qm heizwerke”.


Quality management should constitute a substantial component of project management within the design and construction of biomass heating or CHP plants. The examination of both the technical and economic data of each project ensures that the heating plants achieve a high annual utilisation rate to guarantee efficient and cost-effective operation.

The integration of a quality management process has been obligatory since 1st April 2006 for biomass heating plants of a boiler capacity (total) of 500 kWth or higher and a network length of 1,000 m or more. This obligation applies to both new and expansion projects, which apply for a capital investment grant from the Austrian public finance bank Kommunalkredit AG. The corresponding values apply analogously to the heating units of biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

A quality manager (QM) must be appointed, who will consult and assist the plant owner and the planner during the planning and implementation period.

Alfred Hammerschmid of BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH is a quality manager with comprehensive experience in the field of energetic biomass utilisation.

AbbFig1 Hydraulic control loop in the heating

Hydraulic control loop in the heating

AbbFig2 Laying of district heating pipes

Laying of district heating pipes

Aims of ”QM Holzheizwerke”

The substantial aims of the quality management system cover the professional design, planning and construction of the biomass combustion plant and the district heating network. The most important quality aims are:

  •     reliable and low-maintenance operation
  •     high efficiency and low heat distribution losses
  •     low emissions at all boiler operating conditions
  • Well-working process control system suitable for full and partial load operation as well as transient operation conditions
  •     long-term profitability of the project

Quality management expertise at BIOS

BIOS can and will make an important contribution to the quality assurance of new projects. Its quality manager Alfred Hammerschmid has comprehensive experience in the planning, implementation and optimisation of biomass district heating and CHP plants. The expertise in monitoring and optimisation (BIOS has also appropriate measurement equipment and specially developed software programs for data evaluation and validation available) gathered in a wide range of successfully implemented projects provides an outstanding potential for the integration of quality management in the realisation and expansion of biomass heating plants.