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BIOS is a competent partner for the planning of innovative and sustainable system solutions for heat generation as well as for combined heat, power and cooling plants, industrial waste heat utilisation, energy centres for industry, district heating networks as well as for pellet production, biomass torrefaction and biorefinery plants based on biomass pyrolysis. Mainly biogenic raw materials but also other solid, liquid and gaseous fuels are considered.

Furthermore, BIOS develops efficient energy concepts for the commercial and industrial sector, identifies weak points and resource potentials, and analyses / optimizes existing energy generation plants.

BIOS is a service provider in all energy-related sectors:

Planning, engineering, approval, project management and commissioning of new plants; vulnerability analyses, optimisation, improvement and extension of existing systems

Fields of activity

BIOS performs planning work on the following systems and technologies:

  • Combustion plants for process and space heat supply
  • Combined heat and power as well as combined heat-power-cooling systems with special consideration of the most suitable process for generating electricity (steam turbine, steam engine, ORC process, gasification / gas engine, hot gas turbine)
  • Gasification systems with utilization of the product gas for power and heat production
  • Flue gas cleaning systems (dust and heavy metal, NOx, SOx, HCl and PCDD/F reduction)
  • Heat recovery and flue gas condensation systems
  • Biomass drying systems
  • Fuel feeding systems
  • Pellet production plants
  • Biomass torrefaction plants
  • Biomass refineries based on biomass pyrolysis
  • Heat pumps and refrigeration systems based on absorption and compression technology
  • Energy supply and distribution systems based on water, steam and thermal oil including integrated storage systems
  • Systems for the use of industrial waste heat
  • District heating and cooling networks incl. decentralised producers
  • Waste water treatment units
  • Compressed air systems and distribution


Industry sectors

Our clients / customers cover the following sectors:

  • Municipalities and local authorities
  • Utilities
  • Sawmills and wood manufacturing industries
  • Metallurgical and steel industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharma industry
  • Building materials industry
  • Food industry and dairies
  • Hotels

Project phases

BIOS performs planning work in the following project phases:

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Scope of planning services

The planning process comprises:

  • Status-quo analyses
    • Demand data collection for heat and electricity
    • Identification of weak points
    • Review of available resources and identification of potential savings
    • Analysis of the weak points of the site according to the assessment of the operating data
    • Creation of a catalogue of measures under consideration of technological, ecological and economic aspects
  • Feasibility study, preliminary plant design and economic analysis
    • Concepts for the efficient coverage of the energy demand in the most sustainable and economic way possible
    • Implementation of concepts for the conversion of the energy supply based on renewable energy sources as well as the development of corresponding CO2-saving measures
    • Consideration of the best possible use of waste heat for electricity production
    • Investment cost analysis
    • Calculation of operating costs
    • Gross economic assessment over the life cycle
    • Preparation of business plans
  • Funding management
    • Preparation of national and international funding applications
    • Processing of national and international research, development and demonstration projects
    • Coordination of national and international research, development and demonstration projects
  • Approval process
  • Detailed design incl. request for proposals (RFP) and contracts
    • Energy flow analyses as well as energy optimization
    • Annual load curve and demand lines
    • Mass and energy balances
    • PFD and P&I diagrams
    • Optimized control concepts
    • Measures for reduction of power consumption
    • Efficiency increase through improved process control
    • Plant layout
    • 3-D planning of plants
    • Design of hydraulic and air circuits
    • Fire protection
    • Explosion protection
    • Heat exchanger design
    • Design of district heating and cooling networks
  • Construction supervision and commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Cost tracking
  • Final plant acceptance
  • Monitoring and system optimisation
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Due diligence and expert opinions
  • “QM-Heizwerke” (Quality Management)

Engineering tools

BIOS performs engineering work using the following tools:

Mass and energy balance calculations for entire plants over a whole year on an hourly basis

Mass and energy balance calculations for heating and combined heat and power plants

Mass and energy balance calculations for steam cycles (based on water and organic working media)

Hydraulic Design:
Dimensioning of hydraulic components such as pumps, control valves, etc. based on the simulation of the entire plant

Economic evaluations (according to VDI 2067 and to calculations of the dynamic amortisation period) including tools for sensitivity analysis

AutoCAD Plant3D and SolidWorks:
Preparation of P&I diagrams and of 3D layout and piping plans

Design and optimisation of district heating networks, calculation of annual load curves and annual heat losses

Cycle calculations for air conditioning systems

Dynamic simulations of the heat and electricity demand of buildings as well as of the heat and electricity production of supply systems

Software for the preparation of tenders