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Peter Kratochwill, MSc.

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Phone: +43 316 481300 29

Fax: +43 316 481300 4

Email: kratochwill@bios-bioenergy.at

1994 Born in Graz (AT)
2009 - 2013 BORG Dreierschützengasse Graz with focus on Informatics
2014 - 2021 Bachelor and Master studies in Physics at TU Graz (in cooperation “NAWI” with Karl-Franzens University Graz) with focus on Theoretical Physics; Master’s thesis on „Developing Density of States Techniques for Finite Density Lattice QCD“
since 2021 Project engineer at BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH

Working Areas

  • CFD Modelling (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Development and optimisation of furnaces, gasifiers, stoves, fireplace inserts and boilers for biomass and waste wood by CFD analysis

Key competences

  • Modelling of solid biomass combustion
  • Modelling of turbulent reacting gas flows: combustion, pollutant formation (NOx formation), particulate matter and deposition formation, tar reduction
  • Modelling of porous burners and catalysts