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Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Supancic

Phone: +43 316 481300 17

Fax: +43 316 481300 4

Email: supancic@bios-bioenergy.at

1974 Born in Graz (A)
1984 - 1992 Bundesrealgymnasium Weiz
1992 - 1999 University study of Industrial Environmental Protection, Disposal Techniques and Recycling - branch of study: process engineering and environmental protection at the University of Leoben; diploma thesis: " Characterisation and Improvement of the Gas and Liquid Flow in the Blast Furnace – Conception, Experiments and Industrial Practice"
2000 - 2001 Process engineer at Philips Components, Lebring, Austria
since 2001 Project engineer at BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH – Graz/Austria
2004 - 2005 Local project manager project Santa Fe
since 2006 Project manager at BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH

Working areas

  • Project management
  • National and international funding applications
  • Collaboration in national and international R&D projects
  • Heating plants and combined heat, power and chilling plants (CHPC plants)
  • District heating networks
  • Heat recovery units and flue gas condensation units

Key competences

  • Biomass ash processing and utilisation 
  • Authorisation procedures including the preparation of permit applications
  • Management and implementation of R&D projects including the preparation of applications and project reports 
  • Preliminary design, detailed design and preparing of requests for bids
  • Construction oversight, start-up and commissioning
  • Test run management (design, implementation, analysis and evaluation)
  • Expertises regarding the optimisation of plants including required measures for troubleshooting
  • Life-cycle analyses
  • Project manager in national projects in the working areas and research activities mentioned above
  • About 20 presentations and papers at conferences and workshops (national and international)