BIOS - Bioenergy

Technology development


Since its foundation BIOS has established itself as a technology development partner of Austrian and international companies alike. This is proven by more than 20 projects funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the European Commission, where BIOS participated as a scientific partner during technology development, as well as a considerable number of research and development orders of industrial clients. Additionally, BIOS has performed several self-financed technology development projects in the past few years.
Due to the high educational standard of BIOS employees (almost exclusively academics) as well as due to close contacts with national and international research organisations and universities, ideal basic constraints for the development of new and innovative technologies are given at BIOS.

At BIOS technology development is based on:

  • Specific know-how concerning energetic biomass utilisation based on long-term experience
  • Considerable practical experience regarding plant operation gained from test runs and long-term plant operation monitoring (Plant monitoring)
  • Well educated, experienced and competent specialists
  • State-of-the-art analytical and measurement equipment for the performance of experimental development work (Analyses + Measurements)
  • State-of-the-art simulation tools (e.g. CFD simulation routines (CFD), software and databases for high-temperature multi-phase equilibrium calculations for ash forming species)
  • In-house developed expert codes (e.g. for the simulation of thermal as well as anaerobic biomass conversion processes, for the simulation of aerosol and deposit formation in biomass combustion processes)
  • In-house developed databases concerning chemical and physical properties of biomass fuels, ashes, substrates and digests

The activities of BIOS in the field of technology development thereby primarily focus on:

  • Biomass combustion technologies in the small, medium and large capacity range (more ...)
  • Primary and secondary measures for emission control in biomass combustion plants (more ...)
  • New and innovative biomass based combined heat and power (CHP) systems (more ...)
  • New control strategies for biomass combustion plants (more ...)
  • Technologies for the reduction respectively avoidance of gas related problems in biomass combustion systems (more ...)
  • Biogas plants (more ...)
  • Biomass gasification plants (more ...)