BIOS - Bioenergy

Projekt: FlexiBioKWK – Entwicklung einer neuen brennstoffflexiblen und sehr effizienten Biomasse-KWK-Technologie

Im Zuge dieses, aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung kofinanzierten Projektes, entwickelt die BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH eine neue Biomasse-KWK-Technologie. Hohe Wirkungsgrade, im Vergleich zu bestehenden Konzepten deutlich verbesserte Brennstoffflexibilität sowie eine verbesserte Wirtschaftlichkeit sollen diese Technologie auszeichnen.

Project Acronym: EU-UltraLowDust

Project full title: Next generation small-scale biomass combustion technologies with ultra-low emissions

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Ruff-Kat. ESP technology
SUPRA: stove technology
Windhager: UleWIN technology

Project Acronym: SUNSTORE 4

Project full title: Innovative, multi-applicable and cost efficient hybrid solar (55%) and biomass energy (45%) large scale (district) heating system with long term heat storage and organic Rankine cycle electricity production.

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Plant overview of SUNSTORE 4
CFD-aided optimisation of the biomass furnace – flue gas temperature distribution in the symmetry plane of furnace and boiler

Project Acronym: Sector

Project full title: Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of Torrefaction

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pdf SECTOR-1st_Press_Release-Dec_2011.pdf1st Press Release (42.63 kB)
Pellets from torrefied biomass

Project Acronym: Enercom

Project full title: Polygeneration of energy, fuels and fertilisers from biomass residues and sewage sludge

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Plant overview of ENERCOM

Project Acronym: BioMaxEff

Project full title: Cost efficient biomass boiler systems with maximum annual efficiency and lowest emissions

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Windhager Variowin 6 kW - CFD simulation left: path lines coloured by temperature [°C], right: iso-surfaces of CO emissions [ppmv]
Low-pressure cascade impactor for the determination of amount and particle size distribution of fine particulate emissions in the flue gas