BIOS - Bioenergy

Characterisation and reduction of particulate matter (PM) emissions

BIOS is engaged in the field of analyses, formation, characterisation and evaluation of fine PM emissions from biomass furnaces since several years (in co-operation with the Institute for Process and Particle Engineering, Graz University of Technology) (Analyses + MeasurementsDe-dusting/aerosols).
Due to the comprehensive experience and know-how in the field of ash and aerosol formation as well as the possibility of BIOS to offer combustion tests with pellet furnaces (Analyses and characterisation of pellets) and its comprehensive equipment to perform chemical and flue gas analyses (Analyses + Measurements) BIOS also offers support for the development of fine PM precipitation technologies based on primary and secondary measures. Primary measures aim in particular on furnace and control system related measures, secondary measures on the development of appropriate precipitation technologies. Support can be provided in conceptual design, technology development as well as in form of test runs and accompanying PM and flue gas analyses.
BIOS has already performed several successful development in co-operation with industrial partners.

X-ray spectrometry (left) and scanning electron microscopy of aerosol particles (right) from a pellet furnace